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Wrinkle Cream Experience

Believe to Achieve

Story from: Amanda White
Owatonna, Minnesota

Safety over Effectivity - Lifecell all in one anti aging creamAnti wrinkle creams are just hoax, that was my belief for more than 6 years. I had been searching for the right cream that could really work for my wrinkles but all I encountered were extra moisturizers, whitening cream and refreshing cream, none of them worked for my wrinkles. I was bordering between frustration and anger. When I visited my college friend to discuss our upcoming reunion, I was taken aback. Maggie, my college friend looks the same. As if she never aged. I was stunned. She smiled when she saw me standing outside her door and asked me to come inside so we can start the planning.

The moment I was seated in her kitchen, I asked her how in the world did she maintain her youth. She told me about her “life partner” which was Lifecell. I was skeptical, I thought its just a simple endorsement of a product but since I saw some changes in her I decided to try it.

When I first tried it, all I felt was the extreme firming of my skin. Just maybe after 20seconds of putting it on, I felt my skin turned into something else, I checked my face in the mirror and I saw that my skin looks different. I used it for 4 days and my husband even complimented that I look young and asked if I had botox. I was extremely happy about the result. Maybe I just need to believe that some products can deliver what they promised,just like Lifecell.

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Simple Beauty

Story from: Madeliene Mannings
New York

Safety over Effectivity - Lifecell all in one anti aging creamI am such a simple person that I dont need too many skin care products but when I reached a certain age, I noticed that there are some things that changed. My skin is sagging and lines are forming and I didn’t like what I saw so I had to act fast on it. I searched for skincare products like anti wrinkle cream which also works for other skin blemishes. I searched the internet and ask around beauty consultants in cosmetic shop. I was in this simple skincare shop and I talked to this woman, she is very young looking but she was already 60. I asked her what product was she using so she referred me to Lifecell.

I immediately bought one and tried it. I didn’t mind the result until my mom visited a week after. She shrieked when she saw me. She couldn’t believe that I looked more younger. I was very happy and until then I have never stopped using Lifecell. I don’t mind the expense because it gave what it promised for my skin, a younger and simple beauty.

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Skin Sensitive

Story from: Vicky Cortez

Skin Sensitive - Lifecell All In One Anti Aging Cream[rating:4.5/5]

There are some things in life that you just can’t get enough with. I am really a skincare products fanatic. I love trying out new products specially Korean or Japanese products because they are so mild for my skin. I have very sensitive skin that when I buy cosmetics or skincare products, I often get allergies or breakouts. Products that comes form UAE or even certain USA brands are too strong for my skin. I have a very difficult time checking the right kind of products. I have to check from different shops so that I can find the right stuff or sometimes I just order via amazon or ask friends from abroad.

I saw a feature about Lifecell in Youtube and I was very interested. I seldom check youtube though but when I typed “life cell” there were more than 10 videos talking about it and most of it was positive. I checked all the videos and most of it if not all are talking that the effect of this anti wrinkle cream is immediate plus its safe to use. Some of the users are even celebrities like Paula Abdul of which I know is very choosy about skincare products that she uses. I didn’t waste time and ordered it through their own website.

I received the product after 48hours. I checked the product and it was tightly sealed. The smell was normal, it wasn’t very pungent but very tolerable. When I applied it, the firming sensation was immediate as the videos testified. I liked the sensation because it wasn’t painful, there were no skin peeling or anything else. I liked the result I saw after 5 days. Very nice skin, younger looking skin.

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Safety over Effectivity

Story from: Nadine Daimon
Alberta, Edmonton

Safety over Effectivity - Lifecell all in one anti aging creamThere is nothing grand about being a grandmother except that you get so much time for yourself. I am very much into organic gardening and most of the products that I used inside my house are all organic. I was always a supporter of organic products and everything that is all natural. I like it when all the things specially the food that I eat are all organic. I even went into lengths of canning and doing my own juices, pickles and sauces. I also do DIY skincare remedies which I search over the internet and over some books.

There are so many DIY skincare recipes that I have collected over the years that would help my skin, face, hair and other body parts to become so flawless but since its DIY you have to make a whole lot of effort in making the recipe. You have to ensure that the amount of time of usage should be followed because the length of time before you can see the effect is not that fast. You have to be patient in waiting for the time to see results. Being at my age, waiting is not easy so I checked on the net over which anti wrinkle cream does work and I saw a product Lifecell.

It was really impressive knowing that the effects are seen immediately and with not much fuss. I was impressed but when I did further research on the ingredients I was very dismayed to the point that I was disheartened because there are parabens and since I am pro-natural these kind of ingredients would never pass over me even if its one of the most effective anti wrinkle cream. I would never sacrifice my skin’s future over effectivity of a product for some time. I would never sacrifice effectivity over safety.

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3D Power

Story from: Andy Huggins
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Lancome Men Renergy 3D Lifting Anti-Wrinkle Firming Cream[rating:2/5]

Yes, I am a guy and I know that most men does not send or give out any testimonial for any beauty product. I can’t help but share what I found to be the best wrinkle creams ever that I have tried. Is there a catch somewhere? Yes, there is. Let me share why and how.

I am 42 and an executive in my company. I have to look best always because I need to present myself and my company to various people in various people. I have used this cream for over 4 months and the effect is definitely impressive. It has hydrated my under eyes, diminish dark circles, fine lines has slowly diminished and I see no new wrinkle formed. Satisfied with the result, I purchased another jar.

One setback, the shipping! I was very dissapointed when my first jar came. It was slightly opened (I could say so because some oil are forming on top of the cream) which means it was not a brand new cream. I called customer service and they said that I have to pay for the return shipping. I was aghast! I told them, that would be absurd. They have to pay for it because I paid for a brand new cream and not a new one, but they said they cannot do that.

Just so not to further the argument, I did not return the product but I just used it. I called customer service as I placed my second order to ensure that I won’t be getting an opened jar but a brand new one.

Product is worth it, shipping and customer service sucks!

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Smells Heavenly

Story from: Cristina Humprey
Houston, TX

Vivo Per Lei Cell Renewal Night Cream[rating:2/5]

Vivo is one heck of an anti wrinkle night cream. I love what it does to my skin. I love the way it moisturize, refresh, and revitalize my skin. Those ugly blemishes and fine lines along with laugh lines are also gone one by one.

The packaging is also very nicely done. Simple yet very elegant and I know that nothing is wasted. I can use the whole entire jar without spilling anything. Definitely worth my money plus quite effective as stated by its ads. So wonderig why I gave it 2 stars? A setback! Yes, it has! The strong smell.

The smell sticks to my skin, even my hands and it takes quite sometime before the smell is removed from your skin even if I wash it with scented soap. I don’t prefer strong smell because of my sinusitis but this cream has more than strong smell, in a good sense. I keep using it because I know and I can see that it works great for my wrinkles and fine lines.

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Repeated Gift

Story from: Nikki Scott


Being rated as one of 2012’s Top Anti Wrinkle Cream products would definitely be a plus for this cream but never a guarantee that it would work for my skin. I was interested because of the word “Top Rated” but still I got the product with less expectations.

I started using it and it had a smooth texture. The smell is a bit powdery but tolerable. It made my skin look fresh and smooth, improved those dark areas and gave my skin a lighter tone. Skin with lesser breakouts, smoother, smaller pores plus the decrease in fine lines is such a welcome difference plus no irritation!

I have tried using product like Good N’ Natural but I had severe allergic reaction plus headaches to boot! I would never go for other products and will stick to it.

The setback would be the listed ingredients like Methylparaben, Tetrasodium EDTA, Propylparaben. I was a bit hesitant because I know that the ingredients are more detrimental to our health.

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Herbal and True

Story from: Mitch Baker
Palm Springs, CA

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream Facial Treatment[rating:4/5]

This cream was a gift to me by an aunt who just recently came from Cairo. She was raving about this cream. She was all praises and good stuff for the cream and I was so curious that I opened it immediately. I was taken aback by the smell. It was “herb-y”, so very full of herbal stuff. I really grimaced and she saw it. She immediately told me that that is just one little drawback, that I should try the cream before judging it.

Since its a gift, I did try it. I was putting it on without minding the smell. It was on my third week that my daughter told me that I look “glowing”. I was surprised. She said it over and over that I had to check myself on the mirror and I did saw a good improvement on my skin. It felt more supple, smoother and clear looking. I felt as if I shed 2 years or so away from my face. I was very happy!

I had to continue using it and now, I am in my 4th jar. I have never been more satisfied than when I used Lancome which is quite pricey compared to this cream. I love it and my hubby loves it too because I don’t need to spend much to look and feel good.

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Brand Doesn’t Mean Everything

Story from: Tiffany Craig
Phoenix, AZ

Nivea Visage Pure & Natural Anti-Wrinkle Day Care Skin Cream[rating:2/5]

When you speak of Nivea, you speak of quality and effective skin care products. Yes, I know and have experienced first hand the effectivity of Nivea so I was expecting the same with the new Nivea Visage Pure & Natural Anti-Wrinkle Day Care Skin Cream.

Firstly, the cream is wonderfully smooth when applied on skin. A trademark of Nivea but then here’s the catch: it doesn’t sink well to the skin specially when you have normal to oily skin. Not a good thing right? I am in that skin category so I find it difficult to apply as I need to rub the cream thoroughly on my face. I want to use it before putting on makeup which is simply impossible!

Second, the scent. It has its own scent. A kind of clinical-clean scent. I don’t like the scent because it reminds me of getting sick. I had the urge to throw up whenever I put it on.

Third, it’s not that effective for old wrinkles. It can somehow slowly lighten the new ones but the mouth lines and frown lines are still visible.

overall, I like the product but then there are so much more much effective ones that you can find.

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Hubby’s Choice

Story from: Stephanie Isaac
Houston, TX

Deja Vu Dead Sea Minerals Eye Gel Anti Wrinkle[rating:4.5/5]

For over 15years of our marriage, I have never seen my husband use any cream or gel for his face but he is very keen in keeping it clean. He uses his own facial cleanser to maintain the cleanliness and softness of his skin. One afternoon, I saw him bringing something from work. His boss wife gave him a present. It was Deja Vu Dead Sea Minerals Eye Gel Anti Wrinkle. He said that his boss wife (who happens to be a friend as well) is hooked in dead sea minerals stuff. He said that he did saw some good improvement in her face but skeptical since not all cosmetic products for women would work the same way as it would for a man.

He started using it as a night cream and I can see that his under eye area has improved significantly. The dark circles has slowly diminished and the crow lines has not been over the top. They had reduced significantly! I told my husband what I saw and he agreed that he felt and think the same. This cream does work! I had to check if its available locally and I found a shop where its sold for only $18.00 is such a great savings! I bought 2 of them. One for me and one for my husband. I would be willing to try anything that works on him because I know that it could work on me since I’m not that choosy when it comes to skincare products. Having this anti wrinkle cream work on me would be next to a blessing.

Sometimes, men are also vain though they might deny it but they are more choosy than us women so if its your husband’s choice, I guess the best way is to trust him on it!

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